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Wi-We Bank

May 22, 2009 Comments off

The WI-WE Bank is an interactive Web 2.0 environment interconnecting knowledge on wild cards and weak signals (WI-WE) potentially shaping or shaking the future of science, technology and innovation in Europe and the world.

Wi-We Bank (iKNOW's Wild Cards and Weak Signals platform)

Wi-We Bank (iKNOW's Wild Cards and Weak Signals platform)

Users and visitors of the WI-WE Bank will be able to map, assess and interconnect wild cards and weak signals (WI-WE) with:

  • 17 thematic research areas,
  • 6 strategic pan-European objectives and
  • 20 Grand Challenges of the 21st Century.

To produce the WI-WE Bank, we have combined several methods, including:

  • Structured Scanning of EC FP7 research and foresight projects;
  • Open Scanning of other EU sources, IGOs, RTOs, government, business, NGOs, lawmakers/politicians, scientists/researchers, celebrities/artists, blogs, social networks, TV/radio, corporate press, community press, fiction books/movies, magazines, academic journals, foresight/futures, history/past event, etc.)
  • Interviews (mainly to experts on foresight, S&T, and European Research Area related issues)
  • Workshops (in Finland, UK, Germany and Czech Republic)
  • Surveys

Since January 2009 I am coordinating the conceptual design and technology development activities of an international IT team (lead by the University of Manchester with the support of Cyber Fox and Mindcom) developing Web 2.0 tools aimed to promote a bottom-up horizon scanning processes. Among other functionalities, the tools allow different stakeholders to interconnect knowledge by capturing and assessing the relevance of a large and wide range of wild cards and weak signals (WI-WE).

To visit the Wi-We Bank please click here