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The Future Internet Delphi

March 22, 2010
Future Internet Delphi

Future Internet Delphi: Round 1

Here we present the results of the first round of the Delphi Survey on the Future Internet.

A total of 235 experts took part in the study. These results have been used for main goal of the EU-funded Towards A Future Internet (TAFI) project: the creation of scenarios about a future internet. Two other major sources were also used to form the scenarios as well as the results of this Delphi Survey First Round: (1) Research on the many trends at a socio-economic level that will influence a future internet and also other projects looking at this subject, such as the Stanford ‘Clean Slate’ project; and (2) A major two-day workshop in September 2009 in Brussels with some 20 external experts, which produced strong debate and helped us to reshape our ideas, in some ways completely.

All of this work has been to put together in an initial analysis, an Interim Report, soon to be released, whose core is a set of early scenarios.

Which is the most important role of the internet TODAY and in the future?

Which is the most important role of the internet TODAY and in the future?

In the second round of this Delphi survey we wish to analyse a series of early scenarios, based on the first round’s results plus the extra socio-economic research and the September 2010 Brussels workshop.

So the Second Round presents five scenarios for you to consider and critique. These may seem to be extensions in particular directions but this is to make them identifiably different so that particular characteristics can be clearly seen, although overlaps may exist while combinations of several scenarios may be preferred.

The second round of the Delphi survey and the report are available at:
Towards a Future Internet project website

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