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Recommendations for a European innovation strategy

May 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Keynote speaker in the session on Recommendations for a European innovation strategy at the International Conference on Innovations for the Ecological Turnaround (Berlin, Germany – 10.05.2012)

Dr Popper at Innovations for the Ecological Turnaround (Berlin, Germany – 10.05.2012)

Conference background

Only ecological innovations will move the world towards a green economy. We need innovations to produce, in a more-eco-friendly way, what the planet offers its rapidly increasing population and to use these offerings more intelligently and on more than one occasion. We need technical, process- related, social and political innovations that enable system change.

Only the accelerated use of innovations can – in these times of change, when record greenhouse gas emission levels are being reported and all across the globe a departure from fossil fuels in thoughts and deeds has arrived – successfully limit progressive climate change. Only in this way will we succeed in decoupling CO2 emissions and resource consumption from economic activity in the long run.

How, in the Year of Science 2012 – “Future Project Earth” announced by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, can the course be set in science policy? How do we create truly relevant knowledge? What can be the innovation accelerators for production in various sectors of the Euro- pean economy? Which ones are needed for global agriculture, energy supply, urban development and mobility, and what form should an innovative science, research and economic policy take for it to fuel innovations and release the potential of a creative society?

Against the backdrop of the challenges, this conference will enable a critical appraisal of the status quo and provide compelling insights into new production processes, into technological and social innovations as well as process innovations, into trends and research findings on the horizon as well as information on unresolved, urgent tasks and research projects.

Full conference programme in English available here