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Final publication of the European Foresight Platform project

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment


The role of forward-looking activities for the governance of Grand Challenges: Insights from the European Foresight Platform.


(by Ron Johnston)

FLAs and new Patterns of Governance of Research and Innovation
(by Matthias Weber)

Reach and Impact of Forward Looking Activities: Case Study Analysis of follow-up briefs
(by Susanne Giesecke and Dirk Johann)

The Value of FLA for Strategic Policy Making
(by Annelieke van der Gießen and Elisabetta Marinelli)

Reach and Impact of Forward Looking Activities (FLA) Mapping: Towards a Fully-Fledged Futures Mapping Environment
(by Rafael Popper/Effie Amanatidou/Thomas A. Teichler)

FLA as a Means of Participation in Modern Democratic Decison Making
(by Susanne Giesecke)

Grand Challenges and Foresight in EFP: Healthy Ageing – Urban Europe – Smart Mobility 
(Bas van Schoonhoven)

FLA Anticipate Sustainable Development Challenges for Better Policy Support
(by Vicente Carabias, Cristiano Cagnin, Karel Haegeman, Totti Könnölä)

FLA Orienting Innovation Systems towards Grand Challenges and Increased Governance
(by Cristiano Cagnin)