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Research Job at Mouchel-CfWI and MPhil Opportunity at MBS

January 18, 2013
Horizon Scanning Opportunity

Horizon Scanning Opportunity

Mouchel and the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) are looking to recruit a Masters student to be employed by CfWI and based at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) of The University of Manchester to provide focused research for specific horizon scanning projects. The student will need to submit a research proposal and register for a part-time MPhil programme at the Manchester Business School (MBS) before Thursday 24 January 2013.

The student will be supervised by Professor Ian Miles and Dr Rafael Popper at MIoIR/MBS and will also be part of the CfWI horizon scanning team. The duration of the contract with Mouchel-CfWI will be 3 years with a salary of £ 13,000 per year (plus MPhil tuition fees).

Interested candidates eligible to work in the UK should contact rafael.popper@mbs.ac.uk ASAP!

MPhil Qualification requirements

To be registered in the MPhil programme at MBS we normally require:

  • Bachelors degree with first or upper second class honours or the overseas equivalent.
  • Strong motivation and interest in the course.
  • Proof of English language competence (if applicable).
  • Ability to complete the MPhil dissertation in 2 years.

General requirements

The general skills and activities that we look to the research student to bring include:

  • Knowledge of the health and social care system and associated literature, with a mature understanding and interpretation.
  • Rigour in analysing and synthesising evidence.
  • Ability to apply and (if necessary) develop methodological approaches, and explain them in a way that is accessible to others.
  • Ability to provide insightful commentary and feedback on others’ work.

Expected CfWI work-related outputs

  • First deliverable – Work needs to start in January 2013 into the top-ten technology issues across health and social care, that is those that are the highest impact and highest uncertainty. The CfWI will work with UoM to define appropriate issues to investigate. An early scope and outline of this deliverable is required by end of January, and the draft document completed by end of March 2013.
  • Commissioning further research activities – Further research will be commissioned by the CfWI after the first deliverable is completed and accepted. The area is to be agreed and confirmed before the work starts, and will include a description of the research required, timescale and outline deliverable structure.

Expected MPhil studies-related output

  • MPhil Thesis – To be completed in 2 years.