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VERA Focus Group 2 (Manchester, 04/04/2014)

April 4, 2014


This slideshow highlights key moments of the strategic debate focus group (FG) on strategies and recommendations for the future of European Research Area (ERA) with selected stakeholders from universities and research organisations in Europe. The FG was part of VERA Work Package 5 activities led by the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) in the framework of the European Commission funded VERA project.

The Manchester focus group (FG) explored:

  1. Key opportunities and threats of ERA futures.
  2. Key strategies of university & research actors vis-à-vis ERA scenarios by 2030.
  3. Key objectives of university & research actors that could be included in the ERA agenda.
  4. Key strategies of university & research actors vis-à-vis ERA objectives.
  5. Key recommendations from university & research actors for ERA-relevant actions today.

This discussion on the possible futures of the European Research Areas and the perspectives and interests of different stakeholders is a crucial input into the debate and policy making process at the European and national level. ERA is a dynamic concept, and it must be thought of as a long term endeavour, considering the implications for and strategies of all stakeholders involved.

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