UAE Space Delphi

October 17, 2019


The United Arab Emirates Space Agency (UAESA), in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, is conducting the UAE Space Foresight exercise supported by two expert workshops (at the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2019) in Washington DC on October 23rd and at UAESA Headquaters in Abu Dhabi on November 14th), as well as a Delphi survey. The work will be an input for a bigger foresight exercise led by UAESA.

The overall goal of the project is to assess a list of critical technology areas, critical issues, critical actions and sustainable development goals (SDGs) that may be shaping (inter)national policy agendas and roadmaps for future deep space missions, such as the UAE’s plan to establish human settlements on Mars by 2117.

The Delphi survey was closed at the end of 2019 and a White Paper is currently under preparation.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the UAE Space Foresight project coordinators directly:

Dr. Rafael Popper –
Dr. Khaled Al Hashmi –

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